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Reviews & References

"Philip is a non conformist, the sort of actor that provides a director with a fresh insight into every role he takes, making him a pleasure to work with every time. Philip goes above & beyond the brief thats set, regardless of what role. As Michael Shurtleff said: "Consistency is the death of good acting." 


- Something Creative


"We work with multiple actors across the year and Phil has proved himself to be one of the best. Not only dedicated, flexible and hard-working but he also is an enagaging and dynamic performer, open to direction & willing to take on challenges with enthusiasm and energy. We certainly hope to work with him again in the near future."


- The Riot Act Theatre Company


"Philip Kingsley-Elton’s strong, gun sporting Cian in part of Gary Owen’s Blackthorn."


- The Stage


"I can't express enough how versitle & fantastic Philip is as an actor & member of our team, fulfilling every role with complete professionalism & hilarity when needed! He is a pleasure to work with & a superb performer."


- Enter Edem


"Philip is a very committed, hard working actor.  His flexibility as a performer makes him ideal for any number of roles & styles.  His skill in delivering workshops & working with young audiences adds to his performance experience.  Philip is a positive influence to any team & a welcome part of Performance in Education."


- Performance in Education Theatre Company


"We found Philip to be a reliable & hard working team member. As an actor, he has great comic delivery, good physicality, lots of energy & a very good singing voice. He has an attractive personality & this comes across on stage. He was a delight to direct, always took on new suggestions with good grace, his manner polite and respectful. It was a very demanding role, however, his performance throughout the tour was excellent." 


- Dream Team Theatre Company

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